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March 25, 2021

Author: Boe Eyking

Best 6 Grazing Board Ideas for Your Event

There are several ways you can prepare a smashing grazing board for your intimate or big-time event. Whether you choose to order from grazing feast caterers from or do a DIY from any of the easy grazing board ideas in this blog, this method of serving food is sure to stimulate your guests’ eyesight and appetite at the same time.


Read on to learn about the basics of preparing a decent grazing board and pick up some fun and festive ideas for your upcoming celebrations!

What is Grazing Board?

A grazing board is said to be a fancier version of the exquisite and high-class cheese board that most people are more familiar with. It’s the product of the demand for a hassle-free and out-of-the-box way to feed people at any type of gathering. The preparation involves the beautiful arrangement of different fresh finger foods including fruits, cured meat, a selection of cheeses, vegetables, crackers and dips. The main takeaways of a grazing board are convenience and practicality. Hosts no longer have to prepare cutlery, dispose paper cups and plates, nor wash a ton of dishes after the party. In return, guests will find it easier to sample the food items they fancy and estimate how much they can finish.


Some of the typical ingredients to put include salami, chorizo, grapes, cherry tomatoes, blueberries, cheese slices, carrot sticks, and even bread. The idea is to put food that would not go bad easily when placed in room temp. Also, it should be something that people can eat and pick using their hands to bring that laid back and chill vibe.


You can also add decorations depending on the theme of the feast to beautify your grazing board. Be careful not to overcrowd your board with excessive decors to keep the food from being toppled over. As for the board to use, it is ideal to use the same kind people would use in a charcuterie. Oak paddle boards, a serving tray or a wooden chopping board are among the most common options. It is also advisable to add a base or a cloth underneath the boards to limit possible mess when guests start taking food.

Now to glamourize your delectable board of goodies are six unique and fun suggestions for preparing one:

1. Appetisers

Not all get-togethers should require full meals like lunch or dinner. There are instances wherein serving your guests with easy and tasty appetisers is the best way to go. For instance, if you plan to head somewhere after your gathering, or if the event itself is something quick and casual, finger food that’s not too heavy or too light is the best way to satisfy your event attendees. Appetisers make for a perfect series of small grazing board ideas. The best part about an appetiser-themed grazing board is you can add both savoury and sweet food items to it. Your options are not limited to cheeses, crackers, bruschetta, tomatoes, cucumber slices, nuts, olives, fries, deviled eggs, and stuffed mini peppers.

2. Fondue for Two..or More

Chocolate or cheese fondue alone is enough to make your guests’ mouths water and their stomachs growl with intense hunger. Chocolate fondue is the best centerpiece for a dessert or sweets-themed grazing board. Surround it with cookies, donuts, churros, pastries, candies, and chocolate pieces for people to pick and and dig in. If you prefer something on the salty side, try to experiment with different flavors. Some surprising food combinations with melted hot cheese include pickles, figs, walnuts, and apples. Feeling a little more indulgent? Prep some mini cheeseburgers and watch as guests let it float on the cheese dip to pump up their taste buds and blow their minds.

3. Crackers, Chips, and Pretzels

Crunchy and savoury snacks are the best during an afternoon get-together with your loved ones or friends. You can have it while enjoying a movie marathon and spice things up with some tasty dips in the form of salsa, classic french onion dip, hummus, spicy mexican dip, or spinach. Another way to enjoy this type of grazing board is to prepare some dark and white chocolate dip for a touch of sweetness. Don’t forget to balance the crunchiness with some fresh palate cleanser in the form of carrot sticks, grapes, apple slices, and orange slices.

4. Fresh Fruits

Speaking of something fresh, fruits are a great way to keep things light and healthy in your party. Popular fruit options for grazing boards include blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, pears, figs, green and red grapes, mango slices, pineapple chunks, watermelon pops, grapefruit, or kiwi and peach wedges. Fruit grazing boards are great for kids because it is a healthier option for parents who don’t want their little ones to munch on too much sweets and candies. Balance the acidity of the fruits with cheese slices and some bread.

5. Breakfast

Are you running out of hearty grazing board ideas? A breakfast-themed one is perhaps the most festive in this list because you have several food options to adorn it with. Start with some boiled or deviled eggs, crispy bacon, cured meat, smoked salmon, mini blueberry pancakes, oranges, bagels with cream cheese and jam, capers, Belgian waffles, mini quiche, and muffins. Fill small cups with granola and dried fruits and nuts or oats for your health-conscious pals. Feeling creative? Perhaps a watermelon salad in small bowls or a breakfast casserole made of eggs, sausages, spinach, mushrooms, onions, and bell peppers will perk up your guests and leave them satisfied and energized for the day.

6. Sushi

Sushi is the kind of food you should eat in one big bite. While the use of chopsticks in eating sushi may deviate from the usual tradition or rules of feasting with a grazing board as your style of serving food, it is technically still a unique and great choice for this manner of catering food. It might require additional prepping, but think of it as an elevated or more high-end grazing board. You can have metal chopsticks prepared in advance for your guests so they won’t have to pick it up with their hands. Place baking sheets over the board to keep the rice from sticking. Sushi can be spicy and modern similar to the new twists that some chefs add to typical sushi. Some options include spicy salmon, sweet potato, shrimp, and even quinoa. You can also stick with traditional flavors such as tuna, cucumber, eel, and pickled daikon.


Grazing boards are a fun way to get your family and friends together. It’s akin to a blank canvas for easy prep and colourful food items. No matter what grazing board idea you choose to try for your event, don’t forget the most important ingredient that will make any food prep become a phenomenal and delectable centerpiece: good company. Any food becomes even more delicious when you share it with people you love spending time and sharing moments with.


Which of these grazing board food ideas are you interested to try? Show us photos of your own creation in the comments!

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