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February 15, 2021

Author: Boe Eyking

5 Grazing Table Ideas To Level Up Your Parties

Indeed, throwing a party can be very difficult especially when you don’t have the right set of skills and knowledge to mix and match your reception’s themes. In this light, if you are looking for innovative ways to pull off an exceptional party like a pro, grazing tables might be the answer.

What is a Grazing Table?

Grazing tables is gradually becoming a new trend in the catering industry. It is a type of food art that revolves around setting up a buffet table or any table wherein various types of food are assembled in an artsier manner. Grazing tables are often seen as an enormous charcuterie board loaded with different types of meats, olives, cheese, fresh fruits, nuts, crackers, and a wide selection of bread. Some people also incorporate salads and some sweets to add another layer of flavor. Simply, grazing tables can be a table of different combinations of several types of food that goes with the overall theme or preferences of your partygoers. 


Grazing tables are commonly seen in wedding receptions. The reason behind this being that grazing tables are an ideal alternative to reduce the time and money spent in hiring catering services. Now that this trend is gradually reshaping the norms of parties and celebrations, some individuals make use of  DIY grazing table ideas when celebrating feasts or hosting simple mingling sessions.

However, some people perceive it as just a bunch of food randomly thrown into a table. Little do they know, a grazing table requires a significant amount of focus, careful planning, preparation, and ultimately, passion.  Say goodbye to your conventional buffets. Elevate your party receptions with these five simple grazing table ideas.

1. Go For the Traditional

Nothing beats the original. This easy grazing table idea enables you to harness your inner gourmet pro. Traditional table grazing is all about mixing different types of gourmet cheeses, cured meat such as salami and ham, and freshly baked bread paired with savoury dips. You can also go further by incorporating sweet flavored foods such as chocolate pretzels along with fresh and dried fruits.

2. Add a Touch Of Nature

Planning to throw a more woodsy vibe party? Embellishing your wooden table with a touch of evergreen beds creates a perfectly natural feel. It might seem like adding this kind of decor will break the bank. Fret not, just let your imagination work! This is an excellent grazing table idea on a budget.

3. Focus on Sweets

Dessert Grazing Platter in Melburn

A grazing table is not just for meat, cheese, and all things savory. The list of the best grazing table ideas is limitless. Say, a gummy bear won’t hurt. Satisfy your guests’ or clients’ sweet tooth by making a fancy dessert board loaded with luscious sweets. You can incorporate homemade desserts, rocky road, chocolates, licorice bullets, candies, and even berries to add some zest to your dessert board. You can also upgrade your grazing table by adding donuts and cupcakes.

4. Individual Grazing Boxes

Elevate your next picnic with your family and friends by making individually assembled grazing boxes (with love). This is a fantastic food idea for grazing tables perfect if you want to go to a picnic that caters to all ages. This is the time to be creative. Try mixing different elements such as meats, cheeses, sweets, and a wide variety of bread on each box to create a more dynamic feel.  Also, don’t forget to place the table that you will be using on a spot or setting where you can take a gorgeous view of your grazing boxes.

5. Outdoor Long Tables

You can also set up a long table loaded with the finest grazing table menu ideas. Blend the best flavors of meats, cheeses, dips, sweets, and even veggies and salads with this simple and elegant exterior and a soft rustic glaze grazing table that can cater to a large group of people. With the summer sun and green fields as the backdrop, you are ensuring that the fun will never stop for all your visitors.

Super Size Your Next Celebration

Grazing tables are the new trend in hosting a party, celebrating an event, and prepping a reception for weddings. There are still tons of grazing table ideas that you can do to upgrade your occasions into a more cost-efficient and elegant buffet. But, you can always rely on businesses that offer grazing table services like PlatternBoe. We offer the next-level grazing table with the best quality of food served. We ensure that you get the best out of your money with our quality standard collections of grazing tables, platter boards, cheese boards, and grazing boxes available at your preferred time.

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