The Thicc Board


Handmade by Boe’s epic partner in Melbourne, our Thicc Board, is the ultimate cheese platter board! She’s quite thicc (hence the name), 50CM in diameter to be exact, so you can fill her up with all your fav cheeses, meats, antipasto etc etc. Made from Meranti wood and finished with food grade oil, this board is made for creating delish cheese platters (or just a gorg chopping board on your kitchen bench!).


As our boards are handmade and hand stamped each and every one is unique. Each board has a different tassel combo & some timber may be darker or lighter than some others. But don’t worry, they are all GORG!!


Want this board AND a cheese platter made by Platter&Boe all at once? Order now a delish 50CM cheese platter made up on the Thicc Board delivered straight to your door (and you get to keep the Thicc board foreverrrrr).