Dessert Grazing Platter

Jam packed full with all the best things in life, your family, friends, guests or employees will love you unconditionally for having this board at your event.



  • Homemade caramel slice
  • Homemade lemon slice
  • Homemade chocolate balls
  • White chocolate rocky road
  • Selection of chocolates
  • Liquorice bullets
  • Berries


50CM diameter board – $210


The dessert board is prepared in our food grade kitchen and delivered to your door. The wooden board needs to be returned to us in Cranbourne West the next day or picked up from you for a $20 fee.

Dessert Grazing Platter

Are you celebrating a birthday, promotion, or anniversary? Thinking about surprising a significant other? Try a dessert grazing board in Melbourne!

There’s no better way to express feelings of happiness, delight, and love or add a special touch to any occasion with an overload of sweetness. When you arrange it in a dainty and elaborate manner, as in a grazing dessert board, you are guaranteed with a one-of-a-kind treat for your special person. Did you and your flame have a huge fight? Is your mate about to live overseas for work? Or do you just want to spend more quality time with your family or kids by having a board-full of your favourite chocolate bars and berries to dig into?

Sometimes, choosing the best combinations of chocolates, lollies, and candy bars and calculating the individual cost of each are just as stressful as planning how to present all the goodies to your intended recipient. After all, there are so many delectable snacks to choose from, you might as well put everything in a single container, wrap it with some ribbons, and call it a gift.


It is for this particular reason that our grazing dessert board packages come in handy. Grazing boards use finger food that’s hassle-free to share and feed to every guest. With a sweets-themed one, you save yourself the trouble of rinsing off sticky chocolate stains off of your plates or wiping off icing stains on your tables and countertops.

More importantly, you save a huge amount of prep time since our team will do all the arrangements and preparations to suit the theme of your event. Order a few days in advance so we can make sure to produce a dessert platter to wow your guests.


Customers who have tried our dessert grazing platter express how much they enjoyed the delectable combinations of our homemade sweets. Our best-sellers include our caramel slices, chocolate balls, and white chocolate rocky road all made with love and a shared fascination for the saccharine side of life.

Kids enjoy it, and even grown ups will have a hard time turning down the colourful array of snacks on our beautiful board. We’ve heard countless feedback about how every grazing dessert platter from Platter&Boe exceeded their expectations, impressed their recipients, and made them take a quick trip down memory lane. All in all, we make sure to balance the right amount of sweetness to suit and satisfy all palates.

You can order a dessert grazing board from Platter&Boe online by filling out our Order Form.

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